August 29, 2020

Dear Members,

Minor hockey has been dramatically affected by the COVID pandemic. Hockey West Island has been working hard to stay on top of all the changes caused by the pandemic with a view to having a 2020, 2021 season that is as close to normal as possible. We emphasize “close” to normal as the coming season will not be “normal”. We are taking this opportunity to let you know what the current situation is.

Registration and Volunteers
The best way you can help a return to normal for Hockey is to register as early as possible, this enables HWI to plan teams, ice time, referees, coaches and many other things that are determined by registration numbers. Please register online here:

Volunteering is also a great way to help your association cope with the challenges ahead. We have numerous open positions and can use your help.

2020-2021 Season
We expect to start our preseason training camps the week before Labour Day. Group sizes are limited to 20 skaters and two goalies per session. Spaces may be limited. 

Hockey and Team Formation

Phase 5
All Associations under Hockey Quebec are currently in phase 5 of a 6-phase plan to return to hockey.  
What does phase 5 mean?

Team formation and game rules:
  • Teams will be a maximum of 10 skaters and 1 goalie
  • There will be different divisions (A,B and possibly double letters) in each age group
  • The number and divisions of double and single letter teams will be determined when registration is complete
  • Games will be either 4v4 or 5v5 depending on age group
  • Scores will not be kept in phase 5
  • There will be no contact in any division/age category/level.
  • Training Camps will start on Wednesday, September 2, 2020.  Please check the website for schedules.  You must be registered for training camps.  There will be no drop ins as spaces are restricted as per guidelines.
  • After training camps, evaluations will be very different than previous seasons.
  • We are restricted on numbers of players per session making our normal process impossible.
  • Double letter coaches have been appointed at all levels and they will evaluate players in conjunction with Pro Action Hockey.
  • We will do our best to observe late stage training sessions and use reports from last season to try and place all players properly.  It is possible that when we move to phase 6, teams will be reorganized meaning phase 5 games could serve as evaluations
  • Hockey Quebec has announced that we will proceed to Phase 6 regionally on October 15, 2020. More details to follow
COVID Compliance
HWI has been fortunate enough to have two volunteers step up to be our “Covid-19 Responsables”. They will ensure that our members receive information from Hockey Quebec, Hockey Lac St. Louis, and our two partner cities, Dorval & Pointe-Claire, in a timely and responsible manner. A separate notice will be out soon detailing the measures being put in place to ensure compliance and everyone’s safety.

Stay safe,

Andrew Brookman
President-Hockey West Island

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