Girls want to play hockey, and they want to have fun.

Hockey West Island encourages them to do both!

At the same time, they’ll be making new friends, keeping fit, developing their skills and learning about teamwork. For many of the players in HWI’s girls’ program, hockey is not just a game, it’s a way of life! From single letter teams to double-letter calibre, whether a first-year player or an experienced skater, we encourage all girls to join and play.

WESTLAKE – [Ages 8-21]

The Westlake (All-girls) program has single-letter and double letter girls’ teams at the Atom, Bantam, Midget and Junior levels. Our double-letter teams play for Lac-St-Louis. For any questions relating to Westlake Hockey, please feel free to contact us.

GIRLS & BOYS – [Starting at M7-Pre Novice) If your daughter is interested in playing mixed hockey with the boys, HWI is happy to have them lace up and put on the “Crown” jerseys. For any questions relating to girls playing mixed hockey, please contact us anytime.

EMAIL vicepreshf@gmail.com FOR MORE INFO

More and more young girls are playing hockey. As such, a Hockey Féminin Convening Committee was formed by HWI in 2012 to support and encourage growth within the girls’ hockey program.

Led by people with many years of involvement in the program, and assisted by girls from the program, we encourage all HWI female players and their parents to get involved and be heard. The future of HWI’s girls’  program depends on your support!

Since 1990 the number of registered girls playing hockey in canada has risen form 8,000 to 86,000…!!!


We’ve taken the RCM pledge.

Nous avons signé l’engagement du MER.


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