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To fully benefit from playing amateur hockey, the player must have a positive attitude and deportment, which calls for the highest forms of fair-play. The important point is not necessarily to win or lose but the manner in which the game is played. He should never lose sight that hockey is merely a game. To gain maximum benefit from the game of hockey, a player must:
Play for fun
always remembering that hockey is a means, not a goal
Follow the Rules
Thoroughly follow the rules of the game and the Chart for Fair-Play
Respect the officials
At all times, accept and respect the officials' decisions
Keep your cool
Always remain in self-control in order that hockey, a robust sport, does not become violent or brutal;
Behave properly both on and off the ice, especially by using proper language and avoiding vulgar and blasphemous language;
Consider his team mates on an equal basis and offer all of them the same cooperation
Respect the coach
Respect his coaches and other management personnel and abide by the directives when such are not contrary to his well being;
Play with intensity without giving up after a loss and over-bragging following a win
Respect Others
Respect other people's property and avoid any theft or vandalism.


They must therefore cooperate in using hockey as a vehicle for education and expression in order that their child benefit from its practice. In properly playing their role, parents must:
Show respect to Coaches, Directors as well as on and off-ice Officials;
Behave properly and use appropriate language;
Avoid verbal violence towards players and support all efforts made in this area;
Never forget that their children play hockey for their own pleasure, not to please the parents;
Encourage the respect of the rules of sportsmanship, the playing rules and those of the team;
Recognize their child's good performance as well as that of the opponents;
Help children develop their abilities and qualities of sportsmanship;
Teach children that an honest effort is as valuable as a victory;
Objectively judge their children's abilities and avoid projecting into the future;
Help their children choose one ore more activities that please them instead of forcing them to play hockey;
Never ridicule a child who has made a mistake or caused the loss of a game;
Avoid family discrimination towards their daughters;
Through their own example, encourage their children to respect the rules and solve conflicts without aggressiveness or violence.
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Hockey West Island

Goalie Clinics

Clinics are available to Hockey West Island goaltenders from Novice through Midget. Those who attend can expect a supportive, skills-focused atmosphere where they can take their game to the next level. There are passionate instructors at every level who present a dynamic approach to goaltending training. Small class sizes, low student-to-coach ratios, and skill-specific groups are some of the advantages to attending these clinics.
Session: Fall 2019
Registration: Done on the player’s first attendance. No pre-registration is necessary.
$150 for 12 sessions (cash or cheques payable to Hockey West Island)
Location: NTR Excellent Ice (2950 Edmond, Kirkland QUE, H9H 5J5 (514) 695-4368
SEPTEMBER 30, OCTOBER 7, 14, 21, 18, NOVEMBER 4, 11, 18, 25, DECEMBER 2, 9, 16
Time: Novice and Atom (17:30-18:30)
Pee Wee, Bantam and Midget (18:30 – 19:30)
For all further inquires, please contact Patrick Niiya (hwi-vpadmin@hockeywestisland.org)

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