Registration for the current hockey season is now closed.


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Additional info for parents:

Players in the D3 school category will NOT be allowed to play in a Minor Hockey Association.

Players playing in the D4 category will be able to play for their Minor Hockey Association in Single Letters ONLY.

Jersey deposits:

  • There are no individual jersey deposits for the 2023-2024 season. Jersey deposits will be collected from each team’s budget as one refundable fee.

Players trying out for Double Letters:

  • All players taking part in Double Letter tryouts must pay a mandatory, non-refundable tryout fee of $95. Players will play in three evaluation games and receive home and away jerseys.
  • Players taking part in Double Letter tryouts must bring a cheque for $200 to their first tryout. The cheque will only be cashed only if they make a Double Letter team. (This $200 covers HWI’s additional costs associated with Double Letter hockey).


  • All full-time goalies playing in U11 to Senior will have their HWI registration fees (minus $98 for U11-U18 or $109 for Junior and Senior) reimbursed at the end of the season. The $98 or $109 covers fees HWI must pay to Hockey Canada, Hockey Quebec, and Hockey Lac St.Louis. 


    • In addition to the registration fee paid to Hockey West Island, once your child is placed on a team there are additional team fees that cover team events such as in-town and away tournaments, team photos, holiday or end-of-year parties, additional ice time, team merchandise, etc. These fees are determined jointly by the team coaches and manager and discussed and approved by the team parents. This parental contribution is MANDATORY. Fundraising through bake sales, raffles, and other events, and team sponsorships can greatly reduce the fees or provide teams with a larger budget for additional activities.
    • Hockey West Island recommends that Single Letter team fees not exceed $400. 
    • All members must have a $0 balance owing in the Hockey Canada Registration System (HCR) by December 1st, 2023. After this date, HWI reserves the right to remove a child from practices and/or games while there is a balance owed for any member of the family.
    • There is no parental contribution for players registered in the U7 division. Each team in U7 will receive an amount of $75 at the end of the season to use as they wish. Should the team decide to do pictures, etc, each parent will pay at that time. 
  • By registering my child, I understand that in addition to the registration fees, I will be required to pay a parental contribution to my child’s team budget. I also understand that by registering my child, I agree that my child will participate in tournaments, practices, games, and fundraising activities organized by my child’s team. 


    • Running a community organization such as Hockey West Island is only made possible with the help of many volunteers. We invite you to become a volunteer as a coach or team manager, or for one of the many off-ice duties that need filling such as volunteering for tournaments and Community Day, helping with translation, helping with sponsorships, etc. 
  • By registering my child, I understand that I will be encouraged to volunteer a minimum of two (2) hours with the association over the course of the season. While volunteering is not mandatory, HWI critically needs more help and does not wish to burn out the people who already contribute hundreds of hours each season. Team coaches, team managers, and board members need not volunteer any additional hours for the association on top of the work they already put in over the season. 



All registrations must be done online through the Hockey Canada Registry (HCR).
Please follow the instructions below on how to proceed.

How-to guide

Online Registration


According to HWI refund policy, we normally do not issue any cheques prior to December 1st.
All requests for reimbursement should be done by writing through the refund form and submitted by email to hwi-registrar@hockeywestisland.org



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