Resources for team managers

Managers are an integral part of every team and ensure the smooth running of teams’ practices, games, and tournaments. Depending on head coach preferences, a manager’s tasks involve setting and managing team bank accounts, preparing game sheets, recording home game scores on the league website, and preparing for tournaments. 

2. All coaches, managers, and team volunteers (parents) MUST have undergone police screening and have obtained a Volunteer Card from either Dorval or Pointe-Claire. Bring 2 pieces of government ID to the front desk at Bob Birnie and fill in the form with the office attendant. A paper receipt will be given and a copy must be emailed to the HWI Registrar at registrar.hwi@gmail.com. Once a police screening check is on file with Hockey West Island, it is considered current for 2 years.

Please review the Manager’s Guidelines at the beginning of each season for important information and updates on HWI policies and procedures specific to Managers.

3. Everyone who is involved within a minor hockey organization must register each season through the HCR system. This ensure that members are covered by Hockey Canada Insurance and they acknowledge having consented to the ethical codes and waivers. Specific registration fees have been created for staff on the HWI’s platform in HCR. The registration cost is marked as $0.




(see the manager guidebook for more info)

Team bank account

To open a team bank account you will need an authorization letter from Hockey West Island. The letter can be requested by sending an email to hwi-registrar@hockeywestisland.org 
Co-signees of the team bank account cannot be related to each other. 

Team budget

All team budgets should be presented at a parent’s meeting and be approved with a majority by the parents on that team. The meeting must to be held before the first game of the season to avoid misunderstandings and conflicts that would cause grievances requiring the involvement of HWI.

Team budgets for all teams are payable to the team bank account name (ex: Bantam B Kings) and is independent of the HWI financial operating budget. HWI is not responsible for members’ contribution to a team budget and covering those fees.

Team photos

Teams who would like player photos can choose whoever they like and coordinate directly with the photographer. Group and player photos are usually taken at the beginning of a practice (in game jerseys and socks).
Here are a couple of photographers:
Ivy League Photo: ivyleaguephoto.ca
Team Photo: teamphoto.ca


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